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Buy exclusive laundry baskets online

Laundry baskets offer tidy solutions in the bathroom and bedroom. Metal laundry baskets look very elegant and are easy to clean and maintain. Thanks to their generally opaque appearance, laundry baskets help to create a neat impression. Ventilation slits provide the necessary circulation of air.

Laundry baskets with a swing lid make it very easy to put things into them. Gleaming polished stainless steel also makes this sturdy "Swing" laundry basket a decorative highlight in every bathroom.

If you are looking for a particularly large option for collecting laundry, then Decor Walther’s "Cross" provides the perfect solution. You can get a lot of washing into the 82 cm high laundry basket. The laundry basket frame is made of chrome and holds water-repellent and removable nylon bags. This laundry collector from Décor Walther is foldable and easy to carry around on its integrated handles.