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Accessories for storing things in the bathroom can be both functional as well as stylish elements that add a highlight to every bathroom and have a decisive influence on the bathroom atmosphere. At Artedona, there are many ways to keep the bathroom tidy. Besides the classical multiple purpose containers or bathroom containers, we also offer for example bathroom trays, comb trays, bathroom organisers and perfume bottles.

The "Suite" leather baskets or the "Derby" multi-purpose containers are real organizational talents in a bathroom. There is space for various bathroom utensils, cosmetic articles and small flannels in the multi-purpose containers. The water and scratch proof leather surfaces make these baskets from GioBagnara ideal for everyday use. A luxurious receptacle for cosmetics is provided by the "Vanity" leather boxes from Riviere. The large leather box is most suitable for the storage of bath utensils which need to be readily to hand. The padded and quilted leather of the boxes looks very elegant and is available in several different colours.

Bathroom trays or the so-called comb trays can be used in many different ways; they are also practical and of a refined beauty. The purist shaped bathroom containers are discreet organisers and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Tissue box covers and tissue boxes also create order in the bathroom. Regardless of whether you are looking for a tissue box cover in chrome, leather or wood, we offer all the materials necessary for the stylish presentation of cosmetic tissues.

Perfume flacons are very suited for looking after favourite perfumes in the bathroom. At Artedona, you will find a large choice of bottles made of high-quality crystal glass by the French manufacturer Lalique. Besides their decorative effect, the flacons from Lalique can also assume a real role. The bottles are ideal for holding your favourite perfume or bath essence. The Lalique brand is world-renowned for manufacturing unique perfume bottles of crystal glass.