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We offer a wide range of patterned bed linen and in a large range of colours. Whether you are looking for animal motifs or floral or graphic designs, our bed linen by Christian Fischbacher, Yves Delorme and Leitner provide products to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Patterned bed linen is like a mirror reflection of your furnishing style. The bed takes up such a large area in the bedroom and so it immediately becomes the focus of attention if it displays a pattern. If the bed linen has such artistic decoration as "Sumatra" by Christian Fischbacher, it conjures up images of baroque tapestries. Bed linen by Yves Delorme with its intensively luminous patterns and colours is almost on a par with an Impressionist painting.

Cotton satin, poplin or jersey materials are best suited for conveying the artistic patterns in the most beautiful way (matching fitted sheets can also be obtained on request). It is not unusual for patterned bed linen to be produced with just as much care and effort as a painting: the pattern is drafted by hand, the colours are coordinated with precision and then transferred to the material in complicated manufacturing processes. So, in every sense, patterned bed linen is made for a grandiose appearance.