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You can find white and plain-coloured bed linen at Artedone in a variety of models, sizes and designs. We have both simple white bed linen, such as e.g. the "Jersey" and "Satin" ranges by Christian Fischbacher, and also coloured bed linen, such as the "Triomphe" series by Yves Delorme, which can be ordered in one of ten different colours.

Plain-coloured bed linen is rather like background music; it is discreet but it still has a major influence on the atmosphere in the room. A bed covered in plain-coloured bed linen radiates calmness and serenity. The focus is on the nature and quality of the material: you can choose from cotton, linen, silk and damask. Their appearances are quite different; there is everything there from the elegantly feminine to the vividly sporty — even though there is no competition between colours.

The “Half-linen” bed sheets by Leitner have a very natural appearance whereas the "Athena" plain-coloured, finely stitched bed linen by Yves Delorme radiates pure elegance. Yet plain-coloured bed linen can also be exciting with its woven-in designs matching tone-in-tone with the other fabrics. "Belle Epoque" by Christian Fischbacher has a chic lace print whose cream beige colour contrasts discreetly with the white shimmering cotton satin of the bed. Subtle interplay with the senses of this kind is the skill of producing high-quality, plain-coloured bed linen.