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Since time immemorial, jugs have played a significant role in daily life. Water was transported in them, just as wine was served from them and olive oil stored in them. Today the task field of the jug may have decreased somewhat but the variety of creative uses to which they can be put is as wide as ever.

Thus, there are jugs made of clear crystal glass such as "Amadeus" from Saint-Louis which have a very classic form with large handles and slender spouts. Then there are also the luxurious jugs such as "Tommy" from Saint-Louis with its shimmering crystal glass and artistic facet cut, seemingly inspired by some historic still life.

The silverplated "Anemone" jug from Christofle has a slender body and a large sweeping handle decorated with a trailing flower. The "Millefleurs" jug from Gien is made of faience and evokes summer feelings any time of year. In other words, there is jug to match every taste and there is no limit to the choice of styles.

Jugs are in fact a style statement and table ornament. "Planet Earth" from Theresienthal, for example, is adorned with intricate engravings from the sea or woodland worlds. Such a jug is is not only useful, it is also an art object. Given the diversity and versatility of jugs - they are increasingly being used for decoration purposes or as vases - many people end up wishing they had a whole collection...