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Acrylic glassware

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The acrylic glasses and jugs offered by Artedona have unusual shapes, they have a variety of designs including bevel cutting and they have beautiful gemstone colours — in short: they are the twin sisters of the crystal glasses and jugs. The major difference is that acrylic glasses and jugs are unbreakable. Acrylic is extremely durable. If acrylic items fall over, or even if they fall from a great height onto the floor, they do not break. So they are particularly well suited for use in all kinds of outdoor situations, from picnics to sailing. And not least because the modern material makes them extremely lightweight.

The “Federica” jug from Italy has a baroque shape with a large pouring lip and a broad swept handle. The “Lente” acrylic tumblers look as if they have double-walled sides with transparent air bubbles trapped between them. If their weight did not betray them, you could easily confuse them with their crystal-glass twin sisters.