Acrylic glassware

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Acrylic glasses and jugs – shatterproof and stylish

Glassware at picnics, pool parties and on sailing trips is a delicate matter – one broken piece of glass can be enough to have your get-together end in tears. High-quality acrylic drinkware will keep you and your guests safe: the light-weight, shatterproof glasses, cups and jugs are perfect for any occasion when guests don’t wear shoes or are likely to drop their drinkware.

At first glance, the Italian designer pieces made of synthetic crystal look just like genuine crystal glassware. Only when you pick them up will you notice their reduced weight. Apart from that, they won’t shatter into a thousand shards, even if you drop them repeatedly.

Acrylic is also scratch-resistant and weatherproof. This is why glassware made of acrylic is highly in demand on yachts and sailboats. In fact, it will make any outdoor activity a little safer and – above all – more glamourous.

Opulence on the go

Acrylic glass looks amazing – if the designer knows how to take advantage of its properties. High-grade acrylic is even more translucent than mineral glass, so it can look exceptionally clear. When cut and polished, it shows complex reflections that normally only crystal glass is known for.

Additionally, acrylic glass can be coloured with ease and shaped into any form. Discover cups, drinking glasses, pitchers and coolers with extravagant shapes and in a variety of vibrant colours. Dare to think outside the box with bold designs that will elevate your outdoor festivities to royal receptions – without any added risks of injury.

Recommended care instructions for acrylic glassware

Acrylic glass may deform at high temperatures. Therefore, acrylic drinkware is not dishwasher-safe and not microwave-safe and should only be cleaned by hand with a mild detergent. To ensure that you will be able to enjoy your acrylic drinkware for a long time, we have compiled a set of care instructions here.