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An elegant Italian waste paper basket means that your sense of good style can now extend to the lower hierarchy of furnishings in your office. Our voluminous basket displaying a high quality combination of materials such as wood and nappa leather, copper and calf’s leather or radiant buffalo horn is an irresistible invitation to a well-aimed throw.

A handcrafted waste paper basket from Arcahorn or Riviere is a beautiful and distinguished receptacle for your office refuse. These waste paper baskets from exclusive Italian manufacturers guarantee a stylish resting place for your superfluous notes, documents and other things that you no longer wish to see littering your desk.

And at home the waste paper basket integrates discreetly as an essential accessory into your home-office furnishings. Wood, leather, copper, buffalo horn and lacquer make for a distinctive item which no one would ever dare to describe as a rubbish bin.