Scented candles

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Scented candles not only make a room feel warm and cosy, they are also wonderfully decorative. The intensive fragrance of the candles can fill a room and there is always something restful about flickering candlelight. Scented candles also make a wonderful gift idea. Our collection includes scented candles by many exclusive brands such as Christofle, Raynaud, Lalique, Fornasetti Profumi or Linari.

Linari offers the largest range of scented candles and different fragrances. Particularly popular fragrances include “Calla”, “Avorio” and “Oceano”. Scented candles from Linari have very long-lasting fragrances. This is due to the high percentage of perfume in the scented candles – comparable with eau de parfum.

The scented candles from Lalique are small luxury objects. The wax for the Lalique scented candles comes from the traditional candle manufacturer Cire Trudon. The French company was founded in 1643 and was the court purveyor to the French kings. Only natural products are used to produce the scented wax. This guarantees a long-lasting diffusion of the Lalique scented candles.

The scented candles of L'Objet and Fornasetti Profumi look very impressive with their luxurious porcelain containers and olfactory treasure. Even after the scented candle's specified burning time has come to an end, the object retains its raison d’être: the high-quality container can be used again and again. All of the L'Objet and Fornasetti Profumi scented candles come in high-quality gift boxes.