Vases by Saint-Louis

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About the vases by Saint-Louis

Vases ceased to be just "flower-holders" a long time ago; today they make a clear statement. The vases from Saint-Louis are also examples of craftsmanship at its very best. Their appearance and the enormous effort that goes into their manufacture are astounding. Vases such as "Les Endiablés" from Saint-Louis can also be used to hold tea lights or other small objects instead of flowers. Their crystal bowl and supporting foot are in explosive colours and bear the patterns of popular Saint-Louis designs, such as "Stella", "Bubbles", and "Tommy".

The deep "Adiante" vase, in contrast, made of fine transparent crystal glass and decorated with engraved rings, is perfect for highlighting long-stemmed flowers or branches. The "Tommy" vase produces a majestic effect with its facet ball and diamond cuttings and its antique shape. Saint-Louis vases can be opulent, sleek, classic or modern, refined with colour or with a white enamel coating – but they always look like works of arts, which really come to life when flowers are added to them.

Every Saint-Louis object is mouth-blown, cut and polished by hand. Their production demands perfect command of the techniques used, and it takes a long time to complete each piece.