Thistle by Saint-Louis

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About Thistle by Saint-Louis

The “Thistle” glass series from Saint-Louis could quite easily be regarded as the company’s emblem of quality. Each element impressively exemplifies what crystal glass craftsmanship is all about. A combination of exceptional lines, different types of cut, lavish gold finish and even some gemstone colours is what sets the “Thistle" glasses from Saint-Louis apart. What one might presume to be a Baroque design is actually a pattern created in 1913: that was the year that “Thistle” was created for the World’s Fair in Nancy. Since then, the glasses have adorned the banquet tables of many heads of state. Not without reason: Every Saint-Louis object is mouth-blown, cut and polished by hand.

The elegant gilt decoration is applied with a paintbrush, then fired and polished with agate stone. The production of the glasses demands perfect command of the techniques used, and it takes 25 days, involving a total of ten glass artists, to create the polished result. Fifteen other glass experts share the cutting, engraving and decoration – an almost impossibly elaborate process, but the result speaks for itself.