Tommy by Saint-Louis

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About Tommy by Saint-Louis

It would be hard to imagine a glass that makes a more regal impression when being lifted to the lips than the ornate glasses from the Saint-Louis "Tommy" line? The "Tommy" glassware from Saint-Louis earned fame in 1938 when the dining table in Versailles Palace was set with eleven "Tommy" glasses on the occasion of a visit by King George VI. Since then, the intricately worked "Tommy" glassware, which first appeared in 1928, has become a real classic.

Every glass is mouth-blown and refined to a sparkling jewel with various cutting techniques. The "Tommy" glass collection displays captivating elegance, variety and colourful details. "Tommy" from Saint-Louis consists of hock glasses in enchanting colours and Champagne flutes, bright cocktail and highball glasses, embellished "south wine" glasses and glasses with clear, classic contours. The collection also includes other pieces in the inimitable "Tommy" style: vases, bowls or Champagne coolers made of the finest French crystal glass.

The fine engraving and wonderfully luminous colours has made this glass creation, which was designed in 1938, into one of the most popular designs in glass art.