Apollo by Saint-Louis

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About Apollo by Saint-Louis

In Greek and in Roman mythology Apollo was the God of Light — it is no wonder, then, that a complete Saint Louis product line should be named after him. Created in 1979, the “Apollo” design has a distinctive shape and an angular cut which reflects light in a multitude of different colours. No matter whether it be the “Apollo” stemware, whose broad bowls rest on delicate stems, or the bar glasses whose rims are contoured by a fine line of 24-carat gold: the Saint Louis “Apollo“ design always displays a very distinctive cut and brilliance.

The fact that no other glasses sparkle quite like these “Apollo“ glasses from Saint Louis is because of the unrivalled quality of the manufacturing process: each item is mouth-blown, hand-cut and polished, and in some cases gilded by hand too, at the traditional French glassworks. About ten glass blowers and five glass cutters are involved over a number of days in the production of one single glass — with a truly “divine” result…