Artel "Sequence" bar glasses

"Sequence" bar glasses by Artel

  • Mouthblown, acid-etched crystal glass, 100% lead-free
  • not suitable for the dishwasher
  • The delivery time is approx. 25 working days.
The Czech, Natalia Ogneva, has created these spectacular "Sequence" bar glasses for the Artel glassworks. The crystal glass masterpieces pay homage to the famous Josef Hoffmann who was a co-founder of the Viennese glassworks.

The design demands skill of a level that is only mastered by a handful of glass artists around the world. Each Artel glass is first mouthblown.
The "Sequence" pattern of parallel and diagonal lines is then painted onto the pre-processed, matt surface of the glass. This procedure alone requires more than a day to complete.
  • The delivery time is approx. 25 working days.
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"Ein Liniengeflecht auf satiniertem Glas garantieren Karaffe und Whiskeytumbler volle Aufmerksamkeit." View PDF

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Residence Sept 2013
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Measures Price US $ Qty / Shopping bag

"Sequence" vodka glass

Item no. 34136
2½'' h, 2¼'' d, 1.5 oz 219.18


"Sequence" double old fashioned tumbler

Item no. 34134
3¾'' h, 3½'' d, 10.1 oz 407.04


"Sequence" tumbler

Item no. 34133
5'' h, 3½'' d, 11.0 oz 407.04


"Sequence" highball glass

Item no. 34135
6¼'' h, 3¼'' d, 14.9 oz 469.66


"Sequence" barware decanter

Item no. 34137
10¼'' h, 5'' d, 38.9 oz 939.33
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