Terry towels

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Here you will find terry towels in many different colours and styles. We stock the terry towelling collections of Christian Fischbacher, Yves Delorme, Rhomtuft and Missoni Home. Many of the collections comprise hand towels, bath towels, shower towels, guest towels and face cloths.

Hand towels, bath sheet and guest towels play an important part in our day-to-day life. Apart from their wholly practical function, their other important task is to convey a sense of well-being. The high-quality towelling products from Yves Delorme, Christian Fischbacher and Rhomtuft achieve this with flying colours. The hand and bath towels are beautifully soft and extremely fleecy. The "Dreamflor ®" from Christian Fischbacher, for instance, is made entirely of long-staple cotton, which is extremely kind to the skin, as well as feather light.

Terry towelling from Yves Delorme appeals to the senses both with their quality and the designs sewn by hand into the towel's fleecy pile. However, the renowned French company also delights with its Oriental or graphic-style patterns. This design versatility is all the more important since the bathroom developed into a wellness temple. The look of the terry towelling plays an important part in the bathroom’s overall effect. This can be used to advantage to, for instance, create a new atmosphere in the bathroom by introducing a new line of towelling to herald in the new season. Pastel colours for spring, marine stripes for summer …, the choice is almost endless and new collections are continuously being added.

Missoni Home is one of the most fashionable brands in this respect: Their terry towelling collections are closely linked to the design of the famous fashion collections. It also bears the appealing and colourful zigzag pattern, thus appealing to many of our senses at the same time.