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Buy exclusive salad servers online

Salad is the epitome of freshness and a healthy diet – but only if it looks lush and crisp. Anyone serving salad should therefore invest in a pair of salad servers. Swing them like a baton and conduct the overture to a sophisticated meal – without making a mess when mixing and arranging.

Above all, salad servers are large. Most salad servers measure around 23 centimetres or about nine inches. Salad servers sit well in the hand, regardless of whether you hold them in two hands, like tongs, or in parallel.

Their long handles protrude even from deep salad bowls and keep them from slipping into the bowls. Round shapes and a high-quality finish help to ensure that you don't bruise, pierce or tear the salad ingredients while mixing.


A typical pair of salad servers consists either of two spoons or of a spoon and a rounded fork with one or two tines. When the salad servers are part of large sets of cutlery, the salad fork and the salad spoon are sometimes available individually. Many of the large salad spoons can also be used as compote spoons or to serve whipped cream, depending on their shape. It's a good idea to have more than one in your drawer!

Stainless steel, silver-plated or made of sterling silver – choose the pair of salad servers that matches your decorating concept. Do the salad servers fit seamlessly into your table setting or do they create an exciting contrast?

Salad servers made of sterling silver in a playful Art Nouveau style match imaginative concepts with a historical flair; timeless serving cutlery made of stainless steel inspires confidence with simple elegance and is unimpressed by continuous use at a buffet.