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Buy silverplated cutlery online

The sheen of silverplated cutlery is unforgettable. Whether it's Christmas, weddings or christenings, the ritual around the little silver treasure has been part of life's unique moments for generations. It refines the table setting with the distinguished poetry of pure silver – at a fraction of the price of sterling silver.

But taking out the fine silverplated flatware only on formal occasions means missing out. Because our curated selection of high-quality silverplated silverware is perfectly suited for daily use, no velvet gloves required.

Our traditional manufacturers have developed modern plating techniques with fine silver to produce silverware that is low-maintenance, durable and dishwasher safe. Promote your silverplated cutlery set to an integral part of your household and a daily companion. You will discover that it is a timeless comfort with a magical aura, simple and uncomplicated with the highest quality standards.

The advantages of silverplated cutlery

The beauty of silver is measurable. A polished silver surface reflects over 99.5% of all visible light, more than any other metal. This is how the inimitable white shine of the coveted precious metal comes to be.

Visually, high-quality silver plating can hardly be distinguished from sterling silver. Silver plating creates flawless silver surfaces that glow in the full lustre of fine silver. Thick layers of silver and specialised base materials ensure that the lustre will not fade even with intensive use. Opulence meets efficiency – an ingenious combination for everyday use.

Presentation is an essential part of the high culinary arts. Silverware provides a sophisticated star-restaurant feeling in an uncomplicated way: The white sheen creates literal highlights; complex reflections underline the beauty of the room, regardless of its style. The radiance and adaptability of silverplated cutlery makes it an irreplaceable protagonist in the table theatre of star chefs.

Appearance is not everything. Of all metals, silver is the best at conducting heat. The surfaces of the silverplated forks, knifes and spoons take on the temperature of the food quickly. This gives the impression that food stays warm for longer and improves the dining experience. The antibacterial properties of silver help maintain absolute hygiene.

And don't worry about scratches: silverplated cutlery, just like sterling silver cutlery, develops a graceful patina over time. Over the years, your silverplated cutlery set will develop its own personality and become a part of the family.

The work of 100 hands – The art of silverplated cutlery

In 1842, Charles Christofle, founder of Christofle, acquired the patents on the newly invented galvanic silver and gold plating technology. His pioneering work changed the art of gold and silversmithing forever. Silver-plated silverware conquered Europe and rose to become the new standard in European households.

Silverplated silverware is created in a process called electroplating. Finished cutlery pieces made from special base materials are immersed into a bath that contains silver. When an electric current runs through the workpieces, the silver atoms settle on their surfaces. The result is a perfectly even coating, the so-called silver plating.

The craftsmen can precisely control how much silver is deposited on the cutlery pieces. Each manufacturer matches the silver plating to the shapes, materials and intended uses of their silverware to create a finish that is durable and long-lasting.

Silver plating is only one of many production steps. Countless hours of work go into each cutlery piece before it is electroplated. First, master craftsmen cut out individual blanks from solid metal plates and press them into shape with valuable dies.

Common base metals for silver-plating are stainless steel and nickel silver, a copper-nickel-zinc alloy also known as Maillechort, German silver, or alpacca. The blanks are annealed, pressed, hardened, shaped, engraved and polished over and over again. Because silver-plating conceals nothing: Only a perfect piece of flatware will attain its full grace in the silver bath.

Traditional craftsmanship from renowned silversmiths

Silverplated cutlery is an investment. Our exclusive selection of established silversmiths have earned the trust of their customers with decades of reliable service. Their quality has stood the test of time for generations:

  • Best materials and workmanship
  • Cutlery patterns with a wide variety of pieces
  • Long security of availability
  • Easy care and storage

As a pioneer, Christofle looks back on the longest experience in the manufacture of modern silverplated tableware. From the heritage Marly cutlery, to the universal classic Albi cutlery, to the progressive Infini cutlery, the French silversmith has a diverse yet unmistakable style.

Robbe & Berking is the largest German manufacturer of silver cutlery. Its silver hallmark is an internationally recognised and coveted sign of exceptional quality. The 12 cutlery is inspired by the racy lines of the 12 Metre yachts. Yachts in this historic sailing class are emblematic of classic yachting.

The no-frills classic Alta cutlery celebrates fine silver surfaces in their full beauty. The curved shapes and fine grooves of the Avenue cutlery demonstrate the enormous skill of the Flensburg silversmiths.

There are no limits to the style of silverplated cutlery. Ercuis is famous for silverplated silverware with lacquered handles. The Parisian master silversmith has developed the combination of fine silver and lively coloured geometric decorations into a lustrous and unique aesthetic.

The legendary silverware manufactory Puiforcat designs progressive and conceptual cutlery patterns. It combines striking designs with outstanding usability to create flatware with architectural boldness.

Silver care and storage for silverplated cutlery

Old silverware is fragile. For this reason, many still assume that silverplated cutlery should not be put in the dishwasher. In fact, modern silverplated cutlery is dishwasher safe in most cases as long as it does not have any special lacquers or coatings. The best care for your new silverplated cutlery is simply regular use.

For best results in the dishwasher, the following recommendations are helpful:

  • Remove coarse food residues in advance and wash cutlery quickly
  • Use gentle programmes with temperatures below 50 °C
  • Do not wash together with aluminium or stainless steel utensils
  • Open the dishwasher door immediately after washing to avoid water stains

The best experts in handling silverplated cutlery are the manufacturers themselves. Therefore, please always follow the care instructions of the respective manufacturer for your new silverplated cutlery.

Only when storing silver for a longer period of time should caution be exercised. When silver is not used, it will tarnish eventually as black sulphur compounds develop on its surface. Save yourself the hassle of cleaning and polishing before important festivities and discover the convenient solutions for silver care and storage from the silver experts.