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Buy exclusive silver care and cutlery chests online

Neat and tidy: Inside a cutlery chest, knives, forks, spoons and serving cutlery all have their designated spots. The cutlery pieces stay clean, scratch-free and ready to use.

Cutlery chests for silverware have another benefit. They are designed to protect Sterling silver and silver plated cutlery from tarnishing quickly. When your silver cutlery does start to discolour eventually, the silver care products from Robbe & Berking and Christofle will help restore it to former glory.

Why does silver tarnish?

Silver tarnishes when oxygen or sulphur binds with the surface of the precious metal. The resulting silver oxide coating is dark and dull. Fortunately, silver and oxygen react very slowly – it takes a long time before you can see any discolouring. Silver and sulphur, however, react within a very short time.

Especially hydrogen sulphide tarnishes silver in no time. It can be found in the air and in some protein-rich foods like eggs and fish. Tarnished silver is a nuisance, but not a disaster: silver care products make cleaning quick and easy and special silver storage can slow down the tarnishing process in the future.

How do you protect silver cutlery from tarnishing?

The best way to keep your silverware in good shape is to use it every day, whether it is silver-plated cutlery or sterling silver cutlery. If you always use it and wash it in the dishwasher after every use, it will not have the opportunity to tarnish. Silverware collections with lacquered handles or precious metal applications that are not dishwasher-safe can be cared for simply by washing them regularly by hand.

For many, however, using their silver cutlery every day is not an option. The cutlery disappears inside a cabinet and is only taken out on special occasions. Unfortunately, inadequate storage will lead to tarnishing. Investing in a proper storage solution for silver cutlery is essential to avoid having to clean before every formal occasion.

What makes a good silver cutlery chest?

Good storage boxes for silverware keeps sulphur compounds away from the cutlery. Cutlery trays, boxes and chests that are designed for silverware are lined with antioxidant fabric. This slows down tarnishing considerably.

Some cutlery trays and chests feature a special anti-tarnish cloth to cover the cutlery. It prevents sulphur in the air from reaching the silver cutlery even further. The silverware is protected and tarnishing only occurs in slow motion.

The right storage for your silver cutlery

Storage options for silver cutlery can take many forms. A cutlery tray can be quickly placed in any free drawer. A cutlery box or chest is often designed to stand free. Simple cutlery boxes have a lid to open like a suitcase; large cutlery chests have several tightly fit drawers. Some are so beautifully crafted that they can be displayed like treasure chests.