Stainless steel cutlery by Christofle

Stainless steel cutlery
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Stainless steel par excellence: The silversmith Christofle creates stainless steel cutlery with the same finesse as its traditional silverware. The pioneer of the French arts de la table knows only one level of quality after all – the best.

Stainless steel cutlery is part of the basic equipment of every modern household as it is affordable, robust and dishwasher safe. Christofle uses traditional French craftsmanship to refine the utilitarian metal into a lustrous companion for everyday use that will also serve you well for informal occasions.

From masterly workmanship to pleasant ergonomics and timeless elegance, discover the full potential of stainless steel cutlery with Christofle.

Which kind of stainless steel does Christofle use for cutlery?

Christofle produces stainless steel cutlery from high-quality chromium-nickel steel, better known as 18/10 stainless steel or stainless steel Type 304. 18/10 stainless steel is extremely strong and insensitive to moisture and food acids. That is why 18/10 is the preferred stainless steel alloy for use at the table and in the kitchen.

For knives, Christofle uses 13/0 stainless steel, also called Type 420. This nickel-free steel alloy exchanges some of the strength of 18/10 stainless steel for excellent sharpening properties. Thus, you can simply re-sharpen Christofle knives instead of having to replace them prematurely.

Different material, same time and effort: Just like silver, stainless steel benefits from meticulous manual work and masterly craftsmanship. The better the fit and finish of stainless steel cutlery, the more resistant to corrosion, acids and flash rust it becomes. Aggressive substances find no point of attack on the carefully polished surfaces – the cutlery retains its strength and radiance for a long time.

The stainless steel cutlery series from Christofle

Stainless steel cutlery is the perfect introduction to the universe of Christofle. In addition to translating the most popular Christofle silverware collections, the Christofle studio designs innovative concepts for unique stainless steel cutlery patterns. Emphasised curves and discreet ornaments lend the stainless steel cutlery collections an inviting character that encourages togetherness and sharing.

A mirror into the soul: The L'âme de Christofle cutlery lifts stainless steel to new heights. The cutlery pieces, made from one piece of steel, offer generous, reflective surfaces. Sensual, clear contours emphasise the elegance of the shapes and lie wonderfully in the hand. The collection is available in several colours:

The brilliant colours are vapour-deposited onto the surfaces using the high-tech PVD process and are therefore scratch-, wear- and dishwasher-proof.

Designer Bernard Yot was inspired by the Egyptian landscapes along the Nile for the Osiris cutlery. Striking lines and soft contours create a pleasant balance of discreet ornaments and elegant simplicity. The collection is available in stainless steel only.

The Albi cutlery collection is the style of Christofle in its purest form. Albi Acier cutlery is the stainless steel version of the immortal classic. The perfect balance of simplicity and elegance offers unlimited combination possibilities. Albi is also Christofle's most complete cutlery pattern – one collection for every moment of happiness.