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Steak knives are made particularly sharp to enable you to slice through your favourite steak effortlessly. Of course these knives are also suited to all other kinds of meat and are thus always the right choice when a particularly sharp knife is required. Characteristic for steak knives are the blades that are slightly curved upwards and the finely serrated edge. However, designers tend to let their fantasy run wild when conceiving the handles. Thus the choice ranges from smooth silver handles, as are seen in Christofle products, to the fluorescent plastic handles of Forge de Laguiole. In all respects, steak knives upgrade a meal because they increase enjoyment with their total flair.

Artedona offers you a special selection of steak knives from manufacturers such as Forge de Laguiole, Christofle and Koch & Bergfeld. You can also order cutlery to match the "Cambridge" steak knives from the “Coloured Cutlery Category”.