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Buy sterling silver cutlery online

Uncompromising quality: 925 sterling silver tableware is the crowning glory of western table culture. The unique feeling of solid sterling silver cutlery in your hands turns meals into unforgettable moments of happiness.

Every fork, every spoon, every knife is made with the utmost care. Down to the smallest detail, form and function strive to do justice to the noble material. Find your style in our curated selection and share the timeless beauty of genuine sterling silver cutlery with guests, colleagues, friends and family.

What is sterling silver?

Pure silver is softer than gold and thus unfit for being made into daily articles of use. That is why the alloy sterling silver, also known as 925 silver, has become the norm for high quality silverware.

Sterling silver consists of a large part of fine silver and a small part of copper or other metals. The international standard ratio is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper; this is referred to as a fineness of 925/1000. Some manufacturers such as Puiforcat process sterling silver of a slightly higher fineness of 930/1000 as a matter of tradition.

How can you recognise sterling silver?

Sterling silver cutlery and silverplated cutlery look almost identical to the untrained eye. This is partly because sterling silver cutlery can also be electroplated with fine silver for a perfect, lustrous finish. The most important identifying feature is therefore the hallmarks that are stamped onto the cutlery.

Marking silver objects with hallmarks, also called silver marks or silver stamps, has a long history in Europe. Many nations developed their own systems that are still in use today. Therefore, depending on the origin and manufacturer, the amount, symbols, positionings and meanings of the silver hallmarks vary. A distinction is made between the following hallmarks:

  • Individual manufacturer's mark or maker's mark
  • National hallmark to identify silver fineness or assayer's mark
  • Optional date mark, usually a single letter
  • Optional model stamp

The advantages of sterling silver cutlery

Sterling silver celebrates fine living with quality that lasts. The precious metal retains its material value, embodies the artistic expression of timeless elegance, stands for excellent service and shows guests that they are valued. Sterling silver cutlery is a living treasure that ignites passion.

The magic of silver stems from a measurable property. At over 99.5%, polished silver surfaces reflect more visible light than any other metal. This creates a warm white lustre that holds a universal appeal.

Silver harbours another superlative: it can conduct heat best of all metals. Sterling silver flatware quickly takes on the temperature of the food. Whether it's a warm soup or a cold dessert, sterling silver cutlery intensifies the temperature impression, making for a more pleasant dining experience.

Silver surfaces have naturally antiseptic properties. Together with expert silver care and storage, it is easy to maintain a high level of hygiene. Sterling silver also endures mechanical stress in everyday life with dignity. Over time, it develops a unique patina that gives the cutlery its own personality.

Committed to excellence – The long tradition of the great silversmiths

Working with sterling silver is a great responsibility. Only the best quality in every aspect does justice to the precious metal. That is why silversmiths show all their skills when they create silverware from 925 sterling silver. They pass on the necessary know-how from generation to generation, for hundreds of years.

Whether a tried and tested classic or an innovative novelty, the cutlery patterns from our traditional manufacturers impress with the best materials and workmanship, a wide variety of pieces and long availability. Simply choose your style from our carefully edited selection and be inspired by the quality of the sterling silver tableware.

Sterling silver cutlery from master craftsmen

The renowned French silversmith Christofle offers its great cutlery patterns in silverplated and sterling silver versions. The Malmaison cutleryis the ultimate tableware collection in the Napoleonic Empire style. Finely chiselled decorative bands on the handles exude the charm of fairy tale castles. The Aria cutlery is a postmodern reinterpretation of classic shapes from Roman antiquity. Precise curves lend the silverware a distinguished flair of festivity for formal occasions.

Robbe & Berking stands for silver Made in Germany. The Martelé cutlery elevates the rough texture of hammered metal to an element of style. Spectacular reflections shimmer on the rippled surfaces. The Riva cutlery creates an unmistakable silhouette with simple shapes and clear lines. The sculptural character of the cutlery pattern bears witness to the manufactory's perfect craftsmanship.

The legendary silversmith Puiforcat is famous for avant-garde designs and processes sterling silver with an increased fineness of 930/1000. With its rich ornaments, the noble Elysée cutlery has been the official cutlery for formal receptions at the Elysée Palace since the 1940s. The graceful Royal cutlery brims with magic and whimsy; its handcrafted openwork seems to have sprung from the pages of a high fantasy novel.

Koch & Bergfeld is one of the oldest silverware factories in Germany. The Bremen-based manufacturer equips German embassies, diplomats and haute cuisine restaurants. A testament to Koch & Bergfeld's everlasting elegance is the Fiddle cutlery. Since its founding in 1829, the manufactory has been producing the historic pattern with virtually no changes. German embassies prefer the understated art nouveau spirit of the Belle Epoque cutlery.

Have you found your cutlery style? Preserve the beauty of your precious new silverware with expert silver care and storage solutions.