Botticelli by Saint-Louis

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About Botticelli by Saint-Louis

“Botticelli” from Saint-Louis takes its inspiration from the beautiful frescoes produced during the Italian Renaissance. The floral glassware from Saint-Louis takes its name from the Italian Sandro Botticelli who was one of the leading Renaissance artists.

Wonderfully colourful crystal blossoms in millefiori design adorn the “Botticelli” crystal glasses. The millefiori design is created by skilfully combining different coloured glass rods - known as murrine. This intricate technique, which the Saint-Louis glass manufactory perfected for the “Botticelli” glassware is combined with finely cut glass leaves.

The “Botticelli” product line from Saint-Louis encompasses glasses, candlesticks, tea-light holders, a vase and an impressive bowl. The “Botticelli" glasses made of finest crystal glass bring together the skilled handcraft and the high quality standards of France's oldest crystal glass manufactory, Saint-Louis.