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Discover our selection of fine serving trays in different shapes and sizes from i.a. Christofle, Ercuis and Riviere. In addition to a large selection of silverplated trays, you will also find lacquered and wooden trays.

Serving trays can be regarded as the extended arm of the cook: They transport the delicacies conjured up in the kitchen to the guest. It is normal that they are assigned a great deal of importance and this explains why so many trays look particularly smart. The "Mood Nomade" tray by Christofle, for example, is silverplated and has beautiful leather handles.

Quite different in style but demanding at least as much skill for their manufacture are the leather trays from GioBagnara: their leather is scratch-free and water-resistant, so that it is not a problem should the way to the table be a bit bumpy. After all, trays naturally have to have a practical side to them too. Gien's acrylic trays are well ahead in this respect; their surface is extremely hard-wearing and very easy to clean. This fact in no way detracts from their spectacular appearance: The colours of the illustrations are as bright as those of a freshly painted picture.

For a festive dinner party, the silverplated trays from Christofle and Ercuis are a perfect choice for the table.