Table linen

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Here you will find linen and cotton tablecloths from Eri Textiles and Leitner. From embroidered table linen with hemstitching to plain table cloths with matching napkins, runners and place mats, there is something to please everyone.

Quality table linen adds to the elegance of a dining room. The German manufacturer Eri Textiles is renowned for its intricate embroideries on cotton and linen and its variety of motifs. It has table linen to fit every occasion. Summer motifs include meadow flowers, lavender bouquets, butterflies, beach life and the popular coral embroidery, winter motifs offer a choice of themes, such as skaters, skiers or Christmas branches, while roses, fern or white floral vines are perfect at any time of year.

Leitner, a renowned Austrian manufacturer weaves fine table linen to meet every taste, from plain to patterned and in styles that range from reserved to opulent. The hallmark of Leitner table linen is its refined woven design, which shimmers to produce an interesting play of light on your tablecloth, place mat or napkins.

The hemstitched tablecloths, napkins, table runners and place mats have a particularly elegant air. Embroidered cotton or linen tablecloths and napkins can also help to highlight a table's theme. And for modern, no-frills style, the place mats in leather make an excellent choice.