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Bowls and dishes are like theatre stages: They provide the setting for the show that takes place on and in them. Serving dishes and salad bowls present their highlights on the dining table, fruit bowls display their exotic treats on the sideboard while decorative bowls filled with potpourri often perfume the entrance hall. Bowls and dishes have long ceased to be simply vessels for holding things. In the meantime, they are statement pieces – with a functional purpose.

A perfect example of this can be seen with the “Fruit Loop” fruit bowl from Alessi: It looks like tyres of mirror-shining stainless steel whose “inner tube” is not filled with air but with fruit. The little mouth-blown "Stella" bowl from Saint-Louis has a beautiful facet cut and slightly inclined shape that not only captures the light but also everyone’s attention.

Spectacular design is one of the ways that bowls and dishes impress people but also their original material: crystal glass, silver, bamboo wood or porcelain are crafted into the most outstanding shapes – often even by hand. This ensures that the bowls and dishes can cope with even the most demanding everyday tasks.