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Napkin rings naturally have a very practical function: They are meant to keep fabric napkins nicely rolled. Perhaps this task is too simple on its own, which would explain why almost every napkin ring is so attractive. Such is the case for example with L'Objet’s "Pave Band" napkin ring. The combination of a broad band and innumerable Swarovski crystals make it look like a glittering, albeit oversized, diamond ring.
The napkin rings produced by Riviere are made of finest handwoven nappa leather and encircle the napkin like a bracelet encircles the wrist. The ring of the silverplated "Vertigo" napkin ring from Christofle makes a similar impression. All of them are very modern, even fashionable interpretations.

There are also naturally the classic napkin rings, like "Old Fiddle" from Robbe & Berking. This napkin ring is oval in shape with a relatively broad surface and a matt sheen. It can thus be used with every kind of dinner service and napkin. Between these two styles are napkin rings such as "Pure" from Horst Max Lebert: they have a classic ring shape, but taper off very sharply, and the precious metal is matt brushed. Napkin rings like these, small as they might be, can add a finishing touch to a dining table – in the same way as a special ring on a woman’s finger can add a sparkle to her overall appearance.

Artedona also offers the corresponding table linen to go with this range of items.