Cutlery silverplated by Christofle

Cutlery silverplated
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About Silverplated Cultery by Christofle

Way back in the nineteenth century, the French silversmith Christofle was regarded as a pioneer in the art of silverplating. And even today, Christofle’s silverplated cutlery convinces people with its fantastic quality and elegant designs, whether it is the grace of antique pillars or coquettish reproductions of the special charm of the Empire Style that adorn its knives, forks and spoons. Christofle’s silverplated cutlery interprets historical ornaments in a modern style or has their concept transformed into more contemporary embodiments by such renowned designers as Andrée Putman.

Unusual and eye-catching designs, such as combinations of Chinese lacquer and silver or silverplated cutlery with gold relief in late-Baroque Louis-quinze style, round off the repertoire of Christofle’s silversmith craftsmen.

You can be assured that Christolfe’s silverplated cutlery, whether designed in a classic or a modern style, is the appropriate tableware for special occasions, but it will also give you consistent pleasure in daily use.