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Buy Christofle cutlery chests and silver care online

Expert silver care: Christofle Paris has been the specialist for French silverware since 1830. The renowned silversmith knows: storing and cleaning your silver correctly is essential. Profit from more than a century worth of experience with silver cutlery chests and silver cleaning products from Christofle.

Empty silver cutlery storage by Christofle

Christofle has developed specialised cutlery chests and drawer inserts. They are sold empty and are suitable for all Christofle cutlery models. Inside, your silver cutlery stays clean, does not get scratched, is always at hand and tarnishes more slowly.

Sulphur-free velvet linings and cover cloths treated with care products keep air and sulphur compounds away from your silver cutlery. That way, you can store your silver flatware for longer without tarnishing and avoid the never-ending cleaning before every formal occasion.

The handy Christofle drawer inserts fit into any drawer. The different inserts for knives, forks and spoons each hold 12 pieces. Depending on the shape of the cutlery, one or two pieces fit into the storage boxes for serving cutlery.

Present your complete silver cutlery set in style inside the large Christofle cutlery chests, also known as canteens. Depending on the number of drawers, the empty chests can store between 125 and 145 pieces. The impressive "Prestige" canteen is a veritable treasure chest can hold up to 165 pieces of silver cutlery.

Simple and effective – silver care products from Christofle

Once your silver cutlery is tarnished, the only solution is cleaning. Christofle has developed special care products that make cleaning your silverware easy and convenient.

The Christofle silver care cream cleans your tarnished silverware effectively and leaves a long-lasting tarnish protection. With the "Chamoisine" silver polishing cloth, your silver cutlery regains its lustre in no time at all. The Christofle silvercare gloves are perfect for polishing large silver objects playfully.

Silver cutlery from Christofle is made to last forever – with the right care, its sheen will never fade.

Dimensions and placement plans for Christofle cutlery boxes

Are you looking to store individually assembled cutlery sets or cutlery from other manufacturers in a Christofle cutlery chest? Our plans with the inner and outer dimensions of the Christofle cutlery chests tell you exactly whether your cutlery set will fit.