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Buy silver table accessories by Christofle online

The details make the difference: Table accessories from Christofle are the key to a refined dinner table setting. With sophisticated designs, masterful workmanship and timeless elegance, they dissolve the boundaries between utilitarian and decorative objects. Create unforgettable moments for yourself and your guests, from everyday moments of joy to formal occasions like wedding receptions.

Find your style or discover the perfect gift in our selection of exclusive table accessories from Christofle.

Exclusive table accessories made for sharing

The French "Arts de la Table" evolve around sharing – making table accessories a vital part of successful entertaining. Whether salt shakers, butter dishes or bread baskets, the table and kitchen accessories from the renowned Parisian silversmith make sharing at the table easy and pleasant.

Many demands can be placed on table accessories: handy shapes, clear functions, appealing aesthetics. Christofle's master silversmiths employ all their savoir-faire to meet these demands. Whether silver-plated metal, crystal glass or stainless steel, their noble objects remain true to Christofle's three main styles: Heritage, Timeless and Design.

Less is more – The most important table accessories

Good table decoration is pleasing without getting in the way. Combining function and decoration declutters the table and conveys your style with just a few key objects. With an ensemble of Christofle table accessories, you can quickly and easily create tablescapes that are both expressive and tidy.

Create a relaxed breakfast atmosphere with butter dishes and jam tins. For serving afternoon tea, a tiered serving tray adds space and dimension. Sandwiches, scones, cakes and pastries all find space at the table without cluttering it. After all, getting up to fetch something would not be in the spirit of convivial relaxation.

Salt and pepper shakers and bread baskets are always welcome at the table. The dignified lustre of the polished silver surfaces radiates a festive aura. Christofle's understated designs harmonise with classic, modern and eclectic decorative styles.

Cruet-stands are portable trays for condiments that are brought to the table when needed. The basic cruet stand holds two bottles, one for oil and one for vinegar. Christofle has mastered the fine art of harmonising silver and crystal glass. The mix of materials emphasises the colours of the vinegar and oil. True to the French style, the glass containers from Christofle are closed with glass stoppers.

The full cruet set also includes salt and pepper shakers – the perfect accessory for restaurant atmosphere at home.

Cutlery that has touched food should not be placed on the table again to keep surfaces and fabrics clean. Knife rests help to follow this rule. Christofle has also designed special chopstick rests for Asian cuisine.

The ultimate expression of culinary finesse are champagne coolers and caviar bowls. These centrepieces from Christofle are as noble as their contents. Filled with ice, they keep the refined delicacies well cooled – Icons of the French attitude to life brought to perfection by the traditional house of Christofle.