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Silverware for the fairytale castle: The "Jardin d'Eden" silver collection by Christofle captures the spirit of the Baroque with a modern flair. Designer Marcel Wanders covers the silverware from the traditional French silversmith with extravagant plant ornaments that evoke an enchanting world of symbols.

In addition to the emblematic cutlery pattern, the "Jardin d'Eden" collection includes silverware such as place plates, trays and tiered serving trays. Picture frames and office accessories like letter openers, pen cups and paperweights expand on the design concept.

The exceptional "Jardin d'Eden" collection by Christofle is an emotional style icon. Discover an inspiring fantasy of poetic romance for all rooms in which people come together to celebrate.

The most beautiful combination of gold and silver

A touch of gold in paradise: Christofle enhances the "Jardin d'Eden" cutlery collection with various combinations of yellow gold and rose gold plating. The selection ranges from silverplated cutlery with gold accents to the rare vermeil, fully gold-plated sterling silver.

An overview of all silver-plated "Jardin d'Eden" cutlery variants:

All variations that cannot be ordered directly as well as all Sterling silver variations are available on request. Write us at service@artedona.com or call us at +49 (89) 45 69 20 66, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 7 pm CET.

Modern silverware in historical style

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders has become world famous for his unconventional designs. Full of energy and creativity, the "Lady Gaga of design" unites modern and historical influences with innovative techniques and materials.

In 2010, Marcel Wanders designed the extravagant pattern of the "Jardin d'Eden" collection for Christofle. The neo-baroque all-over pattern is a deliberate break with the established design language of the traditional silversmith Christofle – and became a new style icon for the ages instantly.

The intricate design is a technical masterpiece. In an elaborate process, Christofle etches the verdant pattern all over the silverware. Even the knife blades and the backs of the spoon ladles are covered by engravings – a wonderful demonstration of the immense know-how of the renowned silversmith Christofle.

The pure silver temptation by Christofle

The theme of the collection "Jardin d'Eden" is temptation; Designer Marcel Wanders evokes the oldest garden in the world, the Garden of Eden. Modern plant, leaf and flower motifs overgrow a precisely drawn grid pattern like grapevines on a trellis. An apple motif reinforces the design's biblical theme.

The luxurious arabesque invites you to linger and relax. The pattern draws order, rhythm and harmony from the clear lines beneath the lush ornaments. Vineyard, palace garden, paradise – Let your mind wander and enjoy the collection's whimsical narrative.

Combine "Jardin d'Eden" with white porcelain services with gold or platinum decor to underline the pattern's inexhaustible beauty. Alternatively, combine the "Jardin d'Eden" silverware with other plant patterns and pastel shades for a successful "Vintage Maximalism" style.