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The all-rounder silverware collection – Albi by Christofle

A silverware collection for life: The "Albi" cutlery pattern is the everlasting classic from the renowned French silversmith Christofle. Today, "Albi" offers the most complete range of cutlery of all Christofle patterns. High-quality design, precious materials and a touch of glamour – "Albi" unites universal values that never go out of fashion. Discover the style of Christofle in its purest form with "Albi".

The "Albi" collection includes the original cutlery collection in silverplated, sterling silver and the Albi Acier stainless steel versions, a Limoges porcelain dinner service with platinum banding and a wide range of table accessories. The simple and characterful collection goes well with most dinnerware patterns and suits all occasions, from daily use to dinner parties and formal receptions.

Albi silverware – An ode to French elegance

The Christofle Studio designed the collection in 1968 and named it after the southern French city of Albi between Toulouse and Bordeaux. Towering over the medieval town is the majestic Albi Cathedral, built in the 14th century in the Southern Gothic style.

Unlike most Gothic churches, Albi Cathedral is built of brick and has only one nave. The cathedral's appearance is straightforward and imposing yet noble and weightless. This unique aesthetic informs the perfect balance of simple and elegant of the "Albi" collection.

The wide range of Albi silverware by Christofle

The core of the "Albi" collection is the Albi cutlery pattern. It is available as Albi Acier stainless steel, silverplated and sterling silver variants. Albi cutlery offers one of the most extensive ranges of all Christofle cutlery models.

Christofle complements the "Albi" flatware collection with a wide variety of silverware. Discover coffee and tea sets, water jugs, thermos flasks, tiered serving stands, serving plates and trays, bread baskets, gravy boats, butter dishes, pots, dishes, caviar bowls, caviar horn spoons and spreaders and more.

The Albi Platinum dinnerware collection continues Albi's clear design language. Graceful platinum bands adorn the plates, cups, platters and bowls made of white Limoges porcelain. Their understated elegance blends seamlessly with other dinnerware patterns.

Capture happy moments in sterling silver with the Albi sterling silver picture frames. They are available in several sizes and have been treated with anti-tarnish vanish so you can skip the polishing – a true design classic from Christofle.