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Cutlery sterling silver
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Moments you will never forget: Compose poetic tablescapes for your guests with sterling silver cutlery by Christofle. With a peerless sense of timeless elegance, Christofle reigns supreme over the magical aura of fine silver. Its 925 sterling silver cutlery embodies the essence of the French way of life. Immerse yourself in the highest form of French table culture.

The renowned silversmith has been shaping and designing the "Arts de la Table" since 1830. Its founder Charles Christofle allowed nothing but highest quality from day one. To this day, Christofle relies on traditional craftsmanship; the knowledge of Christofle's silversmiths is the manufactory's highest asset. In their skill lies the key to the iconic style of Christofle – a living legacy of excellence.

Sterling silver flatware is the expression of pure pleasure and open joie de vivre. From exclusive restaurants to grand galas, sterling silver cutlery by Christofle transforms space and time into unique moments of happiness. Master the art of sharing with Christofle and create unforgettable memories in silver brilliance.

Christofle sterling silver cutlery – A lifelong companion

What makes sterling silver so special? Sterling silver is a silver alloy with a high percentage of fine silver. Unlike 999 fine silver, it is hard enough to be made into objects for everyday use. 92.5% fine silver, 7.5% copper – a simple combination that maintains the value and beauty of pure silver without compromising on usability. That is why many consider a 925 sterling silver cutlery set to be a worthwhile investment with a stable material value.

Christofle creates sterling silver cutlery meant to last for eternity. It relies on the immortal qualities of elegance, excellence and hospitality to go beyond. Time-tested cutlery patterns, massive sterling silver, highest craftsmanship – Silverware that lasts generations as a precious heirloom is the most elegant solution to true sustainability.

Christofle draws on an immeasurable wealth of knowledge to bring sterling silver to perfection in all its facets. Immaculately polished surfaces shine with a warm white luster; pleasantly balanced cutlery pieces feel smooth and soft against hand, mouth and lips. Solid sterling silver instantly takes on the temperatures of food, enhancing the pleasure of eating. Over the years, a graceful patina forms, giving your silver flatware its own personality.

The Christofle hallmarks for sterling silver

The best quality must be guaranteed. Goldsmiths and silversmiths mark their work with hallmarks that reveal an object's origin and fineness. Many countries with a long silver tradition have developed their own systems for marking gold and silver that are still in use today. Sterling silver cutlery from France bears at least two hallmarks, an individual maker's mark and a state silver hallmark.

Christofle's maker's mark has undergone a long evolution. The current maker's mark for Christofle sterling silver is a bee under three stars flanked by the initials "OC" for "Orfèvrerie Christofle" and framed in a diamond shape. Next to it, you may find the word "Christofle" in clear letters.

The French silver hallmark for 925 sterling silver is the head of Minerva inside a square with cut corners. Close to it, you may find the word "Sterling" in clear letters and the indication of fineness 925 inside a rectangle.

Christofle places the minute silver hallmarks differently depending on the cutlery piece:

  • Fork: On the inside above the neck
  • Spoon: On the back of the bowl
  • Knife: On the balance between the handle and the blade with additional lettering on
  • the stainless steel blade

Immortalized in silver – The timeless Christofle cutlery collections

Sterling silver with imperial dignity: Malmaison cutlery is the epitome of the French Empire style. The style originated in the early 19th century when Napoleon Bonaparte and his first wife Joséphine renovated Malmaison Castle, their legendary country estate. The Malmaison cutlery pattern has been one of Christofle's great icons since 1909.

The Marly cutlery finds its inspiration in the Baroque of the 18th century. With inviting curves and asymmetrical natural motifs, the richly decorated silverware revives the rocaille style from the pleasure palaces of Louis XIV. Radiating festive elegance, the Marly sterling silver flatware is one of the most sensual ways to entertain guests.

The Aria cutlery is a postmodern reinterpretation of classic shapes from Roman antiquity. The design of the handles is equally reminiscent of Roman columns, draped fabrics, and ornaments from Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Elegant and introspective, the Aria cutlery model is an ambassador of classic beauty and a pillar of French table culture.

The timeless classic of the house, Albi cutlery is an ode to French elegance in pure sterling silver. With the Gothic cathedral of Albi as its source of inspiration, the popular cutlery collection embodies the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication. The universal aesthetic allows for endless combinations with porcelain dinnerware, drinking glasses and table linens in a variety of styles. Albi offers the widest range of any Christofle collection, making it suitable for formal French multi course meals.