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About Christofle trays

Trays are like a miniature stage: everything that is carried or arranged on them is immediately brought into the limelight and is the focus of attention. This is perfectly natural if, as is the case with Christofle trays, they are mostly of shining silver. It is of little importance how the tray is designed: engraved with the cool texts and doodles of a “Graffiti” tray, or combined with the elegant, mahogany-wood handle of a “1925” tray which makes the silver even more radiant.

What is unusual about Christofle trays is how expressive they are even though the design may be very simple: for example, the silverplated “K+T” trays is a circular design, made of high-quality silver and polished to a high gloss finish — but the handcraftsmanship that goes into its creation, as well as all the designer items from Christofle, is what makes it so refined.

The “Vertigo“ tray from Christofle, created by the design icon Andrée Putman, plays artistically with an asymmetrical ring which sometimes serves as a handle but often just as decoration. Yet it is always designed in such a way that a simple tray is magically transformed into a beautiful ornament. This is true of all Christofle trays. As a result, you cannot merely use these little presentation platforms to help you to serve things, you should also use them as a base for objects on the sideboard or to highlight original ornaments.