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Imperial Palace Romance: The "Malmaison" collection from Parisian master silversmith Christofle is the ultimate silver collection for cutlery, porcelain and table accessories in the Napoleonic Empire style. The collection has been one of Christofle's bestsellers since its introduction in 1967.

With clear lines, perfect symmetries and historical motifs, "Malmaison" silverware elevates classically furnished interiors to majestic luxury oases in the French style.

Combined with modern minimalist interior designs, the detailed ornaments of the "Malmaison" collection unfold their historical radiance and build a connection between past and present.

Glamorous, refined, versatile – Christofle "Malmaison" is luxury without ostentation for official occasions and sophisticated interior design styles. Share the warm romance of timeless "Malmaison" silverware by Christofle with your guests.

Christofle Malmaison and the French Empire Style

Christofle's collection is named after the Chateau de la Malmaison situated in the picturesque French countryside west of Paris. The castle's ancient name "Malmaison" translates to "bad house" and dates back to the sixth century.

Castle Malmaison was the country residence of Joséphine de Beauharnais, the first wife of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, from 1799 to 1814. Together with the architects Fontaine and Percier, the imperial couple converted the old estate into a magnificent palace that defined a new style, the solemn Empire style.

The Empire style developed from the Directoire style, which marked the end of the Baroque and the beginning of Classicism. The Empire style replaces the playful stylistic elements of the late Baroque Rococo with monumental, majestic elements from antiquity.

Strict lines replace dainty ornaments; organic forms experience a symmetrical stylisation. Oriental and floral motifs give way to motifs from Greek and Roman antiquity and imperial symbolism.

The historical motifs of Malmaison

The "Malmaison" silver collection by Christofle highlights three historical motifs that defined the Empire style:

  • The Anthemion
  • The Palmette
  • The Eagle

The Anthemion or palmette frieze is an important architectural element from Greek and Roman antiquity. A frieze is a decorative stretch of repeating motifs that gives buildings and objects a visual rhythm. The classic palmette frieze features alternating depictions of palm leaves and lotus flowers linked with tendrils.

Christofle simplifies the classically intricate motif. On larger objects such as the Malmaison picture frames, the Malmaison Platinum tableware or the Malmaison coffee and tea sets, the finely detailed frieze shows the feathery palm leaves of the date palm and stylised lotus flowers in the negative space.

On small surfaces such as the handles of the Malmaison cutlery, the palm leaf motif is further simplified into fine arches. The design gives the filigree silver objects an elegant energy and an unmistakably French personality.

The palmette is a symmetrical image of a palm leaf. The motif is deeply embedded in European history, from ancient Egypt to the present day. The palmette that can be found everywhere in the interior design of the Castle Malmaison is based on Greek and Roman models specifically. It embodies the Empire style like no other motif.

The palmette on the "Malmaison" silverware collection has five fan-shaped leaves with elegant curves. Its silhouette is reminiscent of the Baroque shell motif. The typical "feuilles d'eau" (water leaves) curl elegantly underneath the palmette. The palmette features prominently on the handles of the Malmaison cutlery.

The eagle was particularly important to Napoleon Bonaparte. It mirrors the imperial eagle of ancient Rome and stands for military power. The representative motif is reserved for the centrepieces of the Malmaison line, such as the Malmaison caviar bowl.

The Malmaison Collection

The "Malmaison" silver collection includes silverplated cutlery, table accessories, home accessories, bar accessories and centrepieces. Cutlery and table accessories are also available in sterling silver. The Malmaison porcelain is refined with platinum.

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