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About Malmaison by Christofle

The design of the "Malmaison" collection from the Parisian silversmith Christofle was inspired by the French Empire style of the early nineteenth century. It is not only the aesthetic quality of the Napoleonic era that is incorporated into the "Malmaison" line but also its strict and linear design. This series of sophisticated silver products picks up popular motifs from that period, for example the stylistic arrangements of palm leaves and lotus flowers. Another famous characteristic of the Empire style is the so-called palmette border composed of the tips of palm leaves.

In an impressive array of beautiful items, the "Malmaison" collection from Christofle includes, among other items, a majestic triple dish, an elegant drop ring, trays and a dignified soup tureen as well as two regal cutlery series either of pure sterling silver or in a silverplated version.

Translated literally "Malmaison" means bad house. La Malmaison was the name of the country residence of Napoleon Bonaparte and his first wife Joséphine de Beauharnais. The rather down-at-heel sounding name is in fact unjustified. The imperial pair first moved into the palace after completion of a thorough renovation. Thus the strict aesthetic design of the Empire style embodied in Christofle’s "Malmaison" line of products would certainly have been appropriate for the atmosphere of Napoleon’s Malmaison Palace.