Swimmer, white by Lladró

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Product characteristics:

  • L21¼'' x W11'' x H9¾''
  • Porcelain, handcrafted, base included
  • L21¼'' x W11'' x H9¾''
  • Porcelain, handcrafted, base included
Lladró’s "Swimmer" figurine has "frozen" a highly tense moment. Thus the swimmer is standing in a concentrated pose on the starting block – at any moment the starting shot might sound and he will dive into the water…

Every detail of the Lladró figurine perfectly expresses the tension experienced by a sportsman shortly before the starting gun sounds - the details are also almost unbelievably lifelike. From the folds of the swimming trunks and bathing cap to the tense muscles that can be seen underneath… this is the result of high-quality handcraftsmanship. The "Swimmer" is made of the finest porcelain and produced by hand in the Spanish family-owned business of Lladró.

When compared with the meticulous details seen in the figurine’s form, the white of the "Swimmer" from Lladró with just a few gleaming areas that contrast with the matt surfaces seems very simple. Thus the swimmer from Lladró is a wonderful sculpture in every room – whose sight both relaxes and focuses at the same, just like a swimmer shortly before his dive into the pool…
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