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An eye-catcher even without flowers - artistic vases create atmosphere and comfort. Our curated selection of handmade vases from Europe's renowned manufactories cater to every style, from the unobtrusive porcelain vase in pastel shades to the extra-large cut crystal glass vase. Discover the vase that was made just for you.

Luminous glass vases for your interior

Next to a window or combined with a lamp, glass vases become dramatic lighting elements. Coloured glass vases shine like gemstones and enrich the lighting mood of the room. Cut crystal glass vases cast patterns of light and shadow on nearby surfaces, creating new textures. Choose colour and design to match your interior!

Glass vases by Lalique, Moser, Daum and Venini

The haute couture glassmaker Lalique modernises designs from Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The dynamic motifs immortalise female beauty as well as flora and fauna in crystal glass of the highest quality. A play of satin and clear surfaces makes vases by Lalique technically impressive and universally stylish.

The long-standing Czech glassworks Moser handcrafts exclusive vases to the highest quality standards. Symmetrical designs, perfect cuts, brilliant colours – Bohemian crystal glass vases by Moser are made for the spotlight.

Vases by Daum feel astonishingly organic. Their secret is the Pâte de Cristal, a crystal glass paste that expert craftsmen pour into shape in elaborate manual work. Finely detailed nature motifs, intense colour gradients and velvety textures bring the vases by Daum to life.

Murano glass vases by Venini play with their long tradition. Murano is the origin of modern European glass art; for centuries, the glassmakers on the small island off Venice were the only ones who were able to produce colourless glass. Today, Venini’s two-toned glass vases attract all attention. They are created using a difficult technique in which two hollow glass bodies are precisely fused into one.

Porcelain vases by Raynaud, Haviland, KPM, Nymphenburg, Lladró and Gien

Whether pure white or finely painted, handcrafted porcelain and faience vases are not fast-fashion throwaways, but sophisticated design classics. Make our porcelain vases an integral part of your interior design without hesitation.

Porcelain manufacturers such as Raynaud and Haviland complete their most extensive porcelain tableware collections with matching vases. Patterns with gold or platinum applications appear particularly elegant on white porcelain vases. Create a harmonious and coherent concept for your table without much searching.

The Royal Porcelain-Manufactory Berlin, also known as KPM, wrote history when their white porcelain vases became a design sensation in the 1930s. Whether small or large, vases by KPM demonstrate the sensuality and elegance of white porcelain vases to perfection. The timeless designs blend seamlessly into both classic and modern interiors.

White bisque porcelain vases by Nymphenburg have a skin-like surface that conveys warmth and comfort. Small table vases made of bisque porcelain are most effectful in places at which you can view them more closely. At eye level on a shelf or on a side table next to the sofa, the matte texture can be conveniently admired.

Porcelain vases by Lladró are coveted collector's items. The detailed designer vases are intricate sculptures that tell stories and enchant the observer. Place vases by Lladró so that the eye can rest on them while the mind wanders freely.

Faience vases by Gien exude the charm of southern French holiday homes. The vases with straightforward shapes are painted with comforting floral motifs and fit seamlessly into Gien's rustic narrative. Dream of a sunny day in la belle France!

How to match vases and flowers

Select flowers that match the shape, size and colour of your vase to unfold their full beauty. Short cylinder vases with wide openings leave room for flowers with large blossoms. Tall cylinder vases with narrow openings underscore the slender and elegant nature of long-stemmed flowers, grasses and fine branches. Combine flowers and plants with different lengths to add dimension to the arrangement.

Bottle vases are perfect for presenting individual flowers. Round vases with wide openings are the classic choice for round, tied bouquets. Floor vases achieve a high visual impact when they are adorned with long, blooming branches. Less is often more - give your flowers and vases enough space to unfold.