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For unforgettable moments – Glassware by Christofle

A pioneer of the French "Arts de la Table", Christofle combines silver, porcelain and crystal to create the ultimate expression of hospitality. Their handcrafted crystal glassware remains true to the style of Christofle: simple elegance in best quality. Crystal glasses by Christofle perfectly complement the silver collections and porcelain services of the Parisian silversmith – a brilliant combination.

The top-quality crystal glassware by Christofle fits securely and comfortably in the hand. Masterful cuts and engravings caress the fingers with exciting textures. The brilliant crystal glass amplifies its content's colours. A feast for all the senses that will enrich your guests' drinking experience.

The Christofle glassware collections

It is essential to choose the right glass for each drink. Christofle's glassware collections cover the basics of a well-equipped home bar:

  • Stemware for red wine, white wine, champagne, water and martinis
  • Tumblers and bar glasses for whiskey, highballs, water and vodka
  • Wine carafes, whiskey carafes, water jugs and ice containers

The glass should match the moment as well as the drink. To facilitate finding the right glass for each occasion, Christofle glassware adheres to the Maison's main styles Design, Timeless and Heritage.

The elegant "Kawali" Design glassware enhances formal table settings with a colourful and fun nuance. The tulip-shaped glasses are finished with an intricate spherical cut and are available in bold colours.

The timeless "Graphik" glass- and barware is racy and elegant like a coupe. Its refined grid pattern blends seamlessly into modern and minimalist interior designs.

The flowing curves of the "Iriana" heritage glassware looks inviting and familiar. Vertical cuts add a nostalgic vintage charm. The perfect choice for whimsical room concepts like the country villa style.

Christofle is made for sharing – give Christofle glasses in sets of two as a housewarming or wedding gift.