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The "Madison 6" collection by Christofle combines porcelain tableware, silverware and crystal glassware to create the ultimate expression of hospitality. The collection's theme is a simple hexagon motif which it reinterprets into a harmony of distinctive geometric designs. "Madison 6" sums up the house's style: simple elegance made for sharing.

"Madison 6" includes a dinner service, silverplated decorative objects and crystal glass objects. Each material plays with the hexagon motif in a unique way.

Madison 6 by Christofle - What does the hexagon mean?

A simple pattern with deep meaning: The "Madison 6" collection celebrates the hexagon as a symbol for the home, history and identity of the Maison Christofle.

  • The hexagon represents mainland France because the country is roughly shaped like one.
  • In France, every silversmith has an individually designed silver hallmark as a maker's mark. Christofle's maker's mark has been a bee under three stars in an elongated hexagon since 1853.
  • The first Christofle flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York was the origin of the iconic honeycomb display cases that give Christofle shops their unique atmosphere.

"Madison 6" combines all these meanings into a timelessly modern aesthetic with a deep emotional dimension - a masterful design by the Christofle studio.

Christofle Madison 6 dinnerware, silver accessories and crystal glass

A platinum-coloured honeycomb pattern enhances the white Limoges porcelain of the "Madison 6" collection. The emblematic hexagons lie close together without touching, converging concentrically on the plates' borders. They create the impression of dynamic circular movements and delicate colour gradients. A modern pattern that can be interpreted and combined in many ways.

On the silver accessories of the "Madison 6" collection, tiny hexagons are engraved ultra-finely onto the silver surfaces. The honeycomb pattern becomes a shimmering texture that only reveals its rich details at closer inspection. The trays can be placed flush next to each other. The "Madison 6" trays and picture frames have a special anti-tarnish coating.

The "Madison 6" crystal glass accessories enlarge the hexagons and dissolve them into individual strokes. The precise cuts turn the honeycomb pattern three-dimensional. The "Madison 6" hurricane lamps and tea light holders combine dark wood inlays with silverplated sockets and substantial crystal glass made purely by hand.

"Madison 6" is a modern reinterpretation of traditional French dining culture that adapts to your needs. Whether in private or in company, at teatime or at a dinner party – "Madison 6" lends your interior the iconic Christofle elegance.