"Mantille" vase by KPM

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Product characteristics:

  • 4¼'' x 16¾''
  • Partly unglazed bisque porcelain, partly glazed, handmade
  • 4¼'' x 16¾''
  • Partly unglazed bisque porcelain, partly glazed, handmade
The "Mantille" vase from KPM is a design by the artist Trude Petri dating back to 1957. The relief on the neck of the vase is made of silky looking, unglazed bisque porcelain and looks like draped fabric. The glazed surface of the broad, curved base of the vase presents an attractive contrast. The result creates a wonderful overall impression, which dissolves the line between vase and art object.

The flowing lines of the "Mantille" vase from KPM reference the styling of the 1950s. The beautiful hourglass silhouette picks up the feminine ideal of beauty from this time. The top of the vase looks as though there are folds in it. This might also explain the reason for the "Mantille" name. In Spain, the "Mantilla" is a veil or shawl that covers the head and shoulders.
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