Pinetti - Leather accessories made in Italy


About the brand Pinetti

Pinetti: Past and future values

The Italian leather manufacturer Pinetti turns the finest calfskin and leather into elegant notebooks, leather etuis and office accessories. The large choice of colours is a hallmark of Pinetti.

Those who grow up in the heart of the Italian textile industry, like Ezia and Alberto Pinetti, are totally immersed in its values. When the couple founded their company in 1983, it went almost without saying that the materials would only be worked by hand. The two have long fostered a passion for elegant leather products — but never found any that completely met their demands. One day they decided to develop their own products: notebooks, a photo album and leather cases. From the start, they were convinced that the special “je ne sais quoi” was in the detail. That is why they looked for the best leather around and since then have only selected the best quality calfskin and leather. Sometimes the leather is left natural, other times prepared with a water-repellent surface, embossed or dyed. But regardless how it is prepared, the leatherwork is always of the highest level: Pinetti’s leather products are made entirely by hand. And only the best masters of their profession work in the small manufactory in Bergamo.

Pinetti: Sensuous meets strong

That is how Pinetti has made a name for its internationally recognised brand of leather goods over the last twenty years. You will find Pinetti notebooks and Pinetti photo albums in the best shops and department stores. They manage to make our daily life more sensuous: iPads are clad in elegant leather sleeves, business cards put in elegant leather cases. Pinetti uses a typically reduced style language. A Pinetti notebook or a Pinetti album does not need to shout for attention with flourishes or outrageous patterns, its quality alone is eye-catching enough. Pinetti leather speaks for itself. The products use sensuousness where normally technique is given the priority. Besides classic brown and black, an increasing number of Pinetti desk products, such as the pencil cups or notebooks are being produced in bright colours. These range from violet to warm carmine red and fuchsia to ocean blue. The large colour spectrum makes it possible for everyone to find his or her own favourite colour. Ezia and Alberto Pinetti know: it is only in this way that products can become a favourite possession.